Depression treatment in Kurukshetra

Feeling down or loss of interest or sadness is all feelings that take place in one’s life. However if they persist and affects our lives, the issues may be then termed as depression. Depression is the primary cause of disability. It can have direct affects on children, adults and adolescents. In this post you will learn in deep about depression while you decide to undertake depression treatment in Kurukshetra.

An individual with depression may face continual sadness. Depression is a mood illness that involves continuous feeling and loss of interests. It is different from mood fluctuations that individuals experiences on regular basis.

Depression is an ongoing problem and consists of episodes at the time of which the symptoms last for 15 days. Depression can last for many weeks or months or even years.

 Depression-common signs & symptoms-

The common symptoms of depression includes the following-

  • A disheartened mood
  • A reduced interest or pleasure in the activities that once enjoyed
  • Changes in appetite
  • Loss of sexual wants
  • Sleep excessively or very little
  • Unintentional weight gain or loss
  • Loss of energy
  • Worthlessness feeling
  • Difficulties in thinking
  • Continual thought of suicide or death

Symptoms in people belonging to different categories (age group)-

College students-

1-      Problems in focusing on studies

2-      Insomnia

3-      Too much sleep

4-      Increase/decrease in appetite

5-      Avoiding social activities

In teens-

1-      Withdrawing from family or friends

2-      Problems in focusing on schoolwork

3-      Feeling worthless or helpless

4-      Restlessness

In children-

1-      Low energy

2-      Crying

3-      Clinginess

4-      Defiant behaviour

5-      Vocal outbursts


Factors which are likely to play role in causing depression are-

1-      Changes in the brain’s neurotransmitter level

2-      Genetic features

3-      Environmental aspects

4-      Socio and psychological aspects


Depression treatment in Kurukshetra is possible and symptoms can be managed through-

1-      Psychotherapy

2-      Support

3-      Drug treatment

Is depression completely curable?

While there isn’t any cure for this sickness, there is effective depression treatment in Kurukshetra (few listed above) that you may be provided by specialists who works in this medical sector and the treatments guarantees 100% success. Many are found recovered following the treatment plan the specialists suggests. It’s true that with effective depression treatment relapse may take place. To avoid it, individuals that takes medicine for depression need to continue with treatment and according to the advises of the doctor.

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