How Can You Prevent Eye Strain

Your eyes would feel tired or irritated after focusing intensely on a computer screen or after reading a book. This is referred to as eyestrain or eye fatigue. This is one of the most common conditions that is found in this digital age. Eye fatigue is caused by the over usage of electronic gadgets like laptops, smartphones or tablets. Therefore it is also known as digital eye strain. Typically, digital eye strain can be treated with some of the simple methods but prolonged eye strain can be a sign of more serious condition and it is important that it should be discussed with eye specialist in Kurukshetra on an urgent basis. There are some of the simple things that you can do to prevent eye strain. And most of them can be start from now only.

So the things that you can do to prevent eye strain are as follows:

  • Position your screen: It is vital that you ensure the fact that you are looking at your device at correct distance and in proper position. The screen should be few feet away from your eyes. You should keep in mind that you see the screen of the device at a level that your eyes are slightly below them. This fact goes well with handheld devices too. They should be handled at below eye level. Also, you can adjust the text size according to your comfortability.
  • Use the right light: Improper lighting can also result in eye strain. If your light is either too dim or too bright, then it can affect your eyesight. Also, the light should come I am behind you as it would not affect your eyesight. Also, you need to adjust the brightness of the device you are using.
  • Use eye drops: Too much of focus can also result in eye strain and it also effects the number of times you blink per minute. Whenever you blink less, your eyes get dried and irritated. If you feel the issue of dry eyes, then you can resolve this with the help of eye drops. Also, try to blink more often while using a screen.
  • Check the air: It is vital that you check if the place you are working in has quality air. Dry or polluted environment can cause eye strain. You can rectify this by improving the air with some of the heating and cooling systems. You can even consult with eye specialist in Kurukshetra so as to know what special eyewear you need to have for reducing the eye strain. You can even go for eye therapy for reducing the eye strain.

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