OCD TREATMENT in Kurukshetra

OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder is the number of obsessive-compulsive and associated disorders which is having irresistible ideas or portrait or specific behaviors or psychological act which may be obsession driven as characteristics of the bad health. It occurs in a small percentage of the population globally in every culture. The average age for this sickness to begin is 19 years and usually, it starts by the time an individual turns to 30 years. Individuals with this disorder are at the risk of also experiencing greater anxiety.  Still, there isn’t any cause for this illness. Having any other family member with the same condition and imbalance of the brain chemical serotonin increases the chances of occurring OCD. Before it becomes severe it is better to opt for the best OCD treatment in Kurukshetra.

A professional diagnoses OCD by looking for the signs and symptoms and other issues and also accessing the current medical condition that may be contributing to mounting this sickness. OCD is most likely to enhance when cured with the combination of therapies, CBT, and medicines.

Let’s look at the types of OCD treatment in Kurukshetra that you may get.

Psychological therapy-

OCD therapy usually is the type of CBT with exposure and ERP. This includes-

  • Working with the therapist to break down the problems into various parts like physical feelings, thoughts, and actions
  • Encouraging you to face fears and have obsessive ideas without neutralizing them with compulsive behaviors. You start with the situations which cause the least anxiety at first before stepping onto more difficult ideas.

OCD treatment is difficult and may sound to be frightening but most people find that when they deal with obsessions, the anxiety occasionally enhances. People with mild OCD usually need at least 10 hours of therapist treatment with exercise to be done at home. If you are experiencing the same severely you may need treatment for a longer time.


Also, you may need medication in case psychological therapy doesn’t work. The main medications which are recommended are the kind of antidepressants which is called SSRIs and it can assist in improving OCD symptoms by maximizing the level of a chemical called serotonin inside your brain.

You have to consume SSRI for at least 12 weeks prior to noticing any benefits. Mostly need treatment for a year. You can stop it earlier in case you have fewer symptoms. Don’t take any medication without taking consultation from your doctor. In case symptoms get back dosage may be increased.


That’s all about OCD treatment. You can find the right Psychiatrist in Kurukshetra for better help and get the best possible cure to overcome it faster.