General eye care deals with a routine check-up & common eye problems such as dry eyes, ocular allergies, conjunctivitis etc. Eye specialists & Doctors at Kamboj Hospital has vast experience in offering solutions to patients for eye care & treating general eye problems.

In a recent study it has been observed that, almost more than 20 million of the people in this world are currently suffering from severe vision loss. Not all the eye diseases can be prevented and therefore one needs to follow some of the simple steps so as to keep their eyes healthy and also so that they can reduce the chances of vision loss in the near future.

Here, we are going to talk about some of the tips suggested by eye specialist in Kurukshetra that can help you in safeguarding your vision.

  • Wear sunglasses: The sunglasses help in preventing retinal damage and also protects the delicate eyelid skin so as to prevent the skin cancer around the eye. You must check that your sunglasses block hundred percent of UV rays.
  • Eat Right: An individual should eat a variety of green leafy vegetables. People should include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc, lutein and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.
  • Eye protection: Almost 2.5 million I injuries occur every year and therefore it is important that you wear proper eye protection so as to prevent eye injuries. You must ensure that proper eye protection that you use must meet with specific requirements.
  • Be aware of eye fatigue: If you are facing eye strain from working at your system, then it is vital that you consult an ophthalmologist so as to determine if you are facing eye fatigue and also if you need to get method proper treatments.
  • Contact lens care: You must follow your ophthalmologist's instructions regarding general eye care and the use of contact lenses. In addition to this, do not use saliva or any other water other than the actual contact lens solution. You must follow proper care without any fault so as to avoid eye damage.