Risk Factors Associated with Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the eye disorders that lead to the damage of optic nerves altogether. This disorder results in loss of vision due to loss of the nerve tissue in the eye. The optic nerves are a number of nerve fibers that transmit the visual signals from the eye to the brain. One of the most common forms of glaucoma that is noticed in people is primary open angle glaucoma. This particular type of glaucoma is associated with an increase in the fluid pressure that is inside the eye of an individual. The increase in the pressure may cause damage to the optic nerve and loss of the nerve fibers which results in vision loss or even blindness.

Well, this particular disease has no early warning signs but one of the things that you can notice is increase in the pressure and pain in the eye. As soon as you feel like something sort of this is happening, then you must consult your eye doctor in Kurukshetra as ignorance may take your vision. There are some of the risk factors that you need to know about this condition. So let's get started with it.

  • Age: In the recent study, this fact has been cleared that people over the age of 60 have an increased risk for this disease. The risk of developing glaucoma increases with each passing year of your age.
  • Family History: If you have someone in your family who have been suffering from glaucoma, then it increases the risk of developing this condition at an early age.
  • Medical Conditions: Some of the recent studies have also cleared the fact that people who have diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease may also develop glaucoma at an early age. High as well as low blood pressure can cause total vision loss in this disease. If an individual is being suffering from chronic hypertension, then it can also result in developing glaucoma.
  • Physical injuries to the eye: Some of the trauma experiences like ok he eating in the eye can also result in increasing the eye pressure and can cause glaucoma due to the internal damage.
  • Other eye related risk factors: Eye anatomy can also indicate a risk for developing glaucoma. Some of the conditions such as retinal detachment, eye tumors and eye inflammations can also induce the risk of developing glaucoma.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned risk factors, it is literally very important that you go for your routine check-up from your best eye doctor in Kurukshetra so that if there is a risk of developing this condition, then it can be prevented at an early stage.

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